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The SD Keyring and SD Maxi are both back in stock !

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The MK3B ScrewDriver is here and IN Stock !

The Latest MK3B ScrewDriver builds on the design success of our earlier SD'S. Weve listened to what our customers want and included some great features. The MK3B can handle many different types of consumable and is available in 18350 and 18650 body sizes.

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The SD KeyRing Maxi E-cig. Building on the popular SD Keyring the SD Keyring Maxi now brings even more power in a small size. The higher capacity battery means even more run time between charges. CLICK HERE to view.

The Maxi is now only 13.49 !

The SD KeyRing E-cig. Our very popular design that offers maximum punch in a highly portable size. The SD Key Ring Ecig sets new standards in performance and portability. CLICK HERE to view.This product is now only 13.49. WITH 5 FREE CARTOMISERS

The SD Key Ring E-cig has 3x the run time of comparable products and is the smallest Ecig in the world (length).

The MK3a ScrewDriver kit. CLICK HERE to view.

Building on the ever popular MK1 the MK3a ScrewDriver now has some must have new features. The newly designed locking switch is made to last and can be quickly locked/un-locked, it can even stand upright on a desk. The connection is now a modular system pre fitted with an ego style fitting. The MK3a can handle many different types of consumable including our kartos + clearomisers/dripping atomisers/large 510 tank systems etc. New modules will be made to make sure the MK3a remains future proof.

Our Range of SD Kartos (cartomisers) offer an affordable way to get the most from your device. CLICK HERE to view.

As little as 1 each , pre filled with 1.5ml of quality liquid, the SD Kartos are a perfect choice for old and new users alike.

Compatible with our full range of current products.

The iconic MK1(D) ScrewDriver kit. CLICK HERE to view.

The Latest revision of the ever popular MK1 ScrewDriver kit. The mk1 SD is no longer in production , please see the later mk3a and mk3b pages :)

MK1 and MK3 ScrewDriver Bodies and Accessories.

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NEW MK3a Bodies just added to this section.

This is a parts / spares only page but can also be used to put together your own kit by adding only the parts you need to your cart (EG ScrewDriver body/batteries/charger). This is an easy way to get only the parts your after which may reduce the cost compared to a full kit purchase. SD bodies now featuring a solid brass switch !

Warning : Only purchase this product if you are over 18

 Remember that nicotine is a highly addictive substance. Always keep cartridges and fluid and all of your e-smoking kit out of the reach of children. NEVER Ingest (eat/drink) fluid or carts !

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