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So what is an electronic cigarette?

An E cig is a device that provides a real alternative to traditional tobacco products. The principle is simple: A battery which powers a heater coil. The heater coil (atomiser / cartomiser) turns liquid into vapour which is breathed in by the user. The liquid contains chemical nicotine and flavourings to suit the users needs. They are widely perceived to be safer as they do not contain many of the harmful chemicals contained in a conventional tobacco product.

E cig facts: They produce vapour not smoke / They do not contain tobacco / They are legal to use in many situations that cigarettes are not e.g. at work, at a bar or restaurant / The vapour produced has non of the smells associated with tobacco.

There are hundreds of thousands of happy E-smokers world wide who have never looked back !

If your still wanting more info then check out our FAQ section by CLICKING HERE. Its full of genuine and useful info for new and advanced E-Smokers alike.

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Why buy from us? Years of expert knowledge not just in selling but design and manufacture in the E-cig industry.

Honest selling policies that do not try to fool customers with false claims. We make it clear who our products are suitable for.

Competitivly priced, well designed and tested range of products.

Solid customer support to help you get the most from your ScrewDriver products.

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Warning : Only purchase this product if you are over 18

 Remember that nicotine is a highly addictive substance. Always keep cartridges and fluid and all of your e-smoking kit out of the reach of children. NEVER Ingest (eat/drink) fluid or carts !

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